The Mug Kaunda Street Restaurant Review

the mug

It’s a confusing feeling finding yourself in The Mug- a restaurant on Kaunda street. You might find yourself looking around and go as far as asking the wait staff where you are. This is because although The Mug is on one of the busiest streets in Town, it is a very quiet space or as we millennials like to say, ‘it has a very chilled vibe’.

The Mug Kaunda Street Restaurant Review

Upon entering the establishment, I noticed there was enough room downstairs and more seating space upstairs too. It looked more spacious upstairs than at the downstairs area.

The Mug Kaunda Street Restaurant Review

The environment is quiet- conducive for social meetings as well as business meetings. My girlfriends and I found that there was enough room to have a lot of laughs and converse without disturbing the other customers.

The Mug Kaunda Street Restaurant Review

Their black forest cake was a gift to my taste buds, something I’m sure my stomach wasn’t anticipating on a hot February afternoon. Although I had a cold strawberry milkshake, I heard the coffee was amazing too. The milkshake was deliciously cold and thick- just what a good milkshake should be.

The Mug Kaunda Street Restaurant Review

Restaurant amenities include free Wi-Fi which is quite slow. The place fills up after 2pm but I noticed that diners clear quickly. The waitresses are not warm or friendly, but their service is fast. They were the only thing that ruined an otherwise good afternoon spent at The Mug on Kaunda Street.

Restaurant rating- 5/10

The Mug Kaunda Street Restaurant Review


(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5- HDR on, last pic using Huawei P8 lite)

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