DIY Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

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I always love it when a gifter (noun for a person who loves to give gifts which is also a word I just made up) gives me something with a little bit of them in it. That ‘something’ meaning their extra personal touch to a gift. Don’t get me wrong store bought gifts are great and highly welcome, but if you can add a little bit of yourself in a gift then that’s amazing. I don’t find much variety in valentine’s gifts around town or in supermarkets, so with such occasions I think it’s always better to have a DIY gift.

Valentines is literally already here and I’ve compiled a list of simple and cute DIY gifts that would be great for lovers, friends, mums, etc. These gift ideas are affordable and the items are easy to find in supermarkets. Make sure you create your own twist on these gifts to fit your needs as well as the person you intend to give them too. Let me know which one is your fave!

1.Sweet Nothings

It is clinically proven that humans love praise. We love the compliments and we love to be told sweet things. Write down those sweet little (and truthful) things you love about your mum, boyfriend, best friend and surprise them with a jar-full this Valentines!

DIY Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

There’s nothing I’d love more than reading a note about how amazing I am when I currently feel like a piece of turd. The notes will not only serve as a cute Valentines ‘I love you because’ moment, but a pick-me-up for years to come.

DIY Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

I decided to add shells inside the jar just as a cute little addition. The cute little ‘lock’ is a necklace which I tied to the jar.

DIY Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

2.Freak me later

This is a naughty but nice gift that I had in mind specifically for a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. You could write all the sexy little things you love about him/her or all the fantasies you want to explore with them. Or how you want to be pleased.

DIY Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

Making your bae read them to you later that night could also make for an interesting and exciting end to the night.

DIY Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

3.For My Sweet

If all else fails, you could always try a jar full of chocolates to act as a delicious and sweet treat for your valentine.

DIY Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

Add a variety of tiny chocolates and sweets in the jar and put a bow on it. It will work best with a cute card to go along with it.

DIY Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

DIY Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

Did you like any of these DIY last minute valentine’s gift ideas? I think they’re simple to create and you can add your own twist to them. Best thing about the jar is that your valentine can recycle it after using it. Mine was once a tub of Kentaste coconut oil. If you will be making any of these gifts, please tag me on my Twitter or Instagram so that I can see them. Enjoy your Valentines!

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